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Beautiful Outlaw is an independent award-winning design and publishing house. Our focus is the creation and dissemination of both printed- and digital-matter. Primarily, we work with writers, artists, corporate clients, and other publishers, including for profit and not-for-profit entities.


Established in 2002 and located in Toronto’s historic Cabbagetown neighbourhood, Beautiful Outlaw works with a diverse group of local printers and binders so as to best provide a wide range of production-based services at varying price points. Over the nearly two decades since our inception, we have created, designed, and published everything from letterpress posters, through hand-sewn livre d’artiste, to cutting-edge album artwork, and digitally printed corporate catalogues or trade editions.

Below is a sampling of projects that we’ve been involved in. If you are interested in engaging us in design work please write to us via the contact page on this website. 

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