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AnyWord is a 308-page tribute to writer Phil Hall, celebrating the man and his work through essays and appreciations from 28 writers. 


Contributors: Cameron Anstee, Ronna Bloom, Ali Blythe, George Bowering, Louis Cabri, Angela Carr, Arthur Cravan, Tom Dilworth, Paul Elter, Susan Gillis, Mark Goldstein, Luke Hathaway, Karl Jirgens, Don McKay, rob mclennan, Nicole Markotić, Lawrence Morey, Erín Moure, Pearl Pirie, Jaclyn Piudik, Sandra Ridley, Steven Ross Smith, George Stanley, John Steffler, Chris Turnbull, Andrew Vaisius, Fred Wah, and Donald Winkler. 


As editor Mark Goldstein writes in the preface, “[Hall is] a prismatic figure who refracts a vast spectrum of poetical energies outward toward his Elsewhere Community. These vitalities are central to many of the pieces included here, for it is Hall’s nature to be a supportive person, both in friendship and in poetry. It is among these pages that his chosen community has taken the opportunity to give thanks to Hall, now a septuagenarian, as we say a collective amen.”

AnyWord: A Festschrift for Phil Hall

SKU: 0035
  • AnyWord: A Festschrift for Phil Hall. 6 X 9 inches, 308 pages, with photographs. Perfect bound into wraps.

    Limited Edition

    Beautiful Outlaw, 2024

    ISBN 978-1-7386428-3-0

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