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Part Thief, Part Carpenter contains poetry, essays and interviews that focus on appropriation and transtranslation. Chapters include writings on The New Minstrelsy, Uncreative Writing, The New Sentence, Erasure, and Oulipo. There is also an in-depth look at the postmodern poetics of Charles Reznikoff’s masterwork, Holocaust, as well as an exploration of the poetry of Paul Celan in English translation. At 248 pages, Part Thief, Part Carpenter is a richly varied read through the landscapes of contemporary poetry.


Part Thief, Part Carpenter is the companion work to Her Process, a gender bending transtranslation of Franz Kafka's The Trial.

Part Thief, Part Carpenter

SKU: 0003
  • Part Thief, Part Carpenter: 5.25 X 7.75 inches, 248 pages, perfect bound into die cut wraps with flaps

    Limited Edition

    Beautiful Outlaw, 2021

    ISBN 978-0-992125-09-7

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